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In December 2012, Korean analog terrestrial broadcasting system is scheduled to switch over digital terrestrial broadcasting system. Therefore, the projects such as HDTV, 3DTV, AT-DMB, and UHDTV has been launched or being commercialized to lead the digital broadcasting era.

With this situation, TTA has been conducting a national project “Launch of Broadcast Equipment Test Center” for the purpose of vitalizing the domestic broadcasting equipment market and companies. so that national broadcasting business
will be vitalized. The certification systems built in the center make the company produce valuable broadcasting equipment by guaranteeing their credibility and stability.

Based on the reliable certification services, purchasers such as broadcasters, public offices, schools, and companies installing the broadcasting system will set a priority on the equipment certified by TTA.

Furthermore, we keep trying to do our best to reinforce the healthy virtuous circle of the broadcast equipment that the manufacturers develop the equipment, we validate and test it, and the manufacturers revise it until its quality is competitive with global broadcasting equipment.